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Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - 5 days ago

Heheyy i bet you thought this account was dead huh. Nope hahaaaaaa.

bro that’s crazy I remember I just was using this all the time back in 8th grade lmao. Just posting drawings and stuff. Funny.

well, needless to say I don’t really do that anymore. I’ve actually kind of been all over the place with what I wanna do.

I started writing a book, I feel really passionate about it, but im kind of at writers block and haven’t really touched it since like last November I wanna say. I kinda have the same story going from back when I still used this account, but it kind of changed immensely since then, and I feel like it’ll actually be readable.

i started making my own game. It started out as a joke originally but then one day I was developing it and was like “you know this could actually be pretty fire if I make a story to this.” So I’ve been working on that. The programming part has been lacking a bit, I’ve mostly been doing stuff with sprites, using pixel art to creat my own actually, and it doesn’t look half bad for my first game.

and now onto what I’m doing right now. Reacting to music and editing those reactions. I own half of a channel, and the other one is owned by my friend. We hadn’t been so active on that channel but as of right now we’ve been trying to get it going again. I’m almost done editing our reactions to the Skrillex albums that dropped last month, and two days from now we’re reacting to 10,000 gecs which should be exciting. Don’t like the deadlines I set for these videos, they tire me out lol, but I enjoy making them nonetheless.

I’ll leave a link to our channel in this post if you’re interested in checking it out, the ten people who follow me on Newgrounds lmao.


man’s yeah that’s kinda where I’ve been at with my life, hopefully you guys have been doing well too, that is if you see this.

take care of yourselves, and o hope to see you soon



Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - August 27th, 2021

Salutations fellow newgrounds.com users,

I was just wondering if you got ur photos printed, and I wanted to let you know that I have a Pixel art account. so if you have pixel art, go ahead and follow me. Cuz y not? it doesn't cost anything.

Profile: https://es.pixilart.com/rthr33



Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - January 21st, 2021

I'm bored and my art sketches are at a standstill so what's good with your lives?


Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - August 21st, 2020

sorry i was absent for so long. i had a lot of things i was doing during the summer that i wanted to get done. i was getting in touch with friends from my school i had not talked to in a long time not to mention all the the times i went camping and had ABSOLUTELY NO! INTERNET/DATA WHATSOEVER. so that being said for those of you wondering: yes, i have been doing my drawings so far but i have not uploaded all of them yet. But i do plan to finish the Undertale (non-pixelated) series. thank you all for your patience.



Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - June 10th, 2020

I will be releasing new art along with the one I just posted very recently. It will not be pixelated because i do not have the materials for that and because I already have alot on my plate already with my final marks coming in. So I don't want to use up too much time. After I finish the Undertale series I will continue onto FNAF (five nights at Freddy's) the ENTIRE franchise From Freddy to Glitchtrap if it kills me.

I am very excited to share this with all of you.



Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - June 1st, 2020

I'm not one to stop posting so easily. There are a lot of things I like to do in life and that's usually what stops me From posting stuff. But on certain days at certain times some people I will not mention will keep me from doing the things that stop me from getting bored. I would be mad at those people for a short time but in the end I owe them a thank you. Because as long as there is boredom I will always find a way to amuse myself. Thus, as long as there is boredom, I will not stop posting things. I may not have a lot of fans but that doesn't matter because I have determination. So say what you will but it will not stop me from doing what I love.

I don't know what half of that stuff was and I feel that was unrelated to the topic and I felt like I was giving an inspirational speech but at the same time not really. So point being, I'll always have newgrounds and if you don't like it too bad :).


P.S. I will be making art soon. Shoutout thank you @PBSfanboy for inspiring me :).


Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - May 13th, 2020

i know some of you guys know that the new fnaf is coming out this year and people have been probably theorizing about it. but what people are not theorizing about is the title of the game. if you agree with what i think i, i dont know you dont really need to post a comment. i mean you can but idk do what u want. if you have your own theory about this then tell me in the comments. now... its time to reveal what i think. now i personally think the name will be "Fazbears Ultimate Arcade". one of the reasons is because Scott didn't call them fnaf 5 and fnaf 6, called it fnaf sister location and Freddy's Fazbear pizzaria simulator. therefore its not like scott will switch back to the measly 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. i mean c'mon he's Scott. ergo "Fazbears Ultimate Arcade". also because they have laser tag in the pizza place and they have shoulder pads and earings and they're all neon and stuff. i also hear they call it megathread. like maybe megathread freddy megathread foxy etc.


its so huge its almost like a mall. it has lazer tag, and you can see a small theater in the background. anyway thats what i think the game will be called let me know what you guys think and i will post more soon.



Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - May 3rd, 2020

i hate my life. its and expression tho i dont actually hate my life. its actually going great what with scott cawthon releasing a new game and pyro- illusion coming out on the 31st. in case you don't know what pyro illusionis then here is the link to the trailor of the game.


if you can't watch it i am sorry, but hopefully you know how to copy and paste. its bassically a fan made game about the c.e.o. of fazbear entertainment gives all the scraps of the original anomatronics to a guy who he is asociated with who will remake them into more advanced anomatronics. now, onto why i so called "hate my life." i know this was probably anounced a LONG time ago. i know because i checked the day it was posted and it was a long time ago. i thought that the creator of one night at flumpty's was going to make one week at flumpty's and i check again this morning after a long while and i see this spawn of the demon!


you see that small text? that right there crushed my dreams. do not yell at me for not noticing this earlier. i am still trying to process the fact i am only going to play 2 games from this series now. your probably wondering: why should we care? well i don't really care if you don't. posting things calms me for some reason. anyway thats all i have to say for now and i will be making more of these probably.

yours truly,



Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - April 30th, 2020

Some of you (if there are even any of you at all) might have heard of a series called five nights at Freddy's (FNAF for short). for those of you who don't like this game, you can read this post but your gonna right hate comments dont. Just don't it just ruins things for everyone. For those of you who do like this game, I have something to show you. You may have already known this if you are a FNAF geek but if your not, I just found out from a friend that there will be yet another FNAF sequel. I don't 100% know what it is but all I can say is that if it is going to happen I am very excited. Here is a teaser image.


I am really excited for this and cannot wait for it to come out. Anywho, peace.


Posted by REDBULLADDICT64 - April 29th, 2020

Online school can be such a drag sometimes. You have to do school work after the time regular school ends, you have to deal with meetings all the time and those meetings easily cut through your daily video game time, and most assignments are just straight up confusing. I wished for a day that school would end and everyone could stay home and not go to school. THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! For the people on this website who go to school: you feel me, you know my pain. For those of you who go to college: it's probably even worse for you! Well that's all that I needed to get out of my system. I gotta go now because I'm eating breakfast. Latr